Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How to Making a Homemade Erotic Movie

For a lot of guys the moment when they finally get their girlfriend to make a sex tape can be one of disappointment. While the sex is great, the resulting tape can be a little disappointing. Far from the erotic, well lit world of erotic movies, homemade sex movie often are more weird than sexually exciting. For that reason, I decided to enjoy a month of experimenting and give you a guide to making your own homemade erotic video.

A lot of couples have one big worry about being on camera: they won't look sexy enough. Some people can find that their confidence really suffers if they don't like the way that they look while having sex. The first thing to understand is that the camera actually distorts your body, so you can use this is your advantage. Lean back and both your bodies will look great (This move is very common to professional shots). Let her go on top and arch your body up while she arches back and you will both look awesome.

Angles are actually one of the most important things to consider in making these kinds of erotic films. The camera needs to be somewhere with a good view of the action and out of the way enough that it doesn't accidentally get smashed. Usually it is best to then have sex with your body angled so that it can record both of your bodies. Usually this angle is sideways on and further back if you plan on moving around a lot. If she has long hair, it becomes vital that she watches her angles and makes sure that her hair doesn't obscure what she is doing. This is especially important during oral sex as many of my tapes had to be edited thanks to her luscious locks blocking the camera's view.

Making and viewing the pornography should be great fun for the two of you. The key thing to remember is that the camera adds a third 'voyeur' to the room, making the fantasy about voyeurism (Enjoying being watched having sex). Therefore don't be ashamed about playing up to the camera, it is part of the thrill. Just let yourselves go and enjoy having your own secret tape that you can bring out any time you want to add something extra to sex.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Getting Help From Lifestyle Blogs

People use the Internet for many different reasons. Some use it in order to pass the time, randomly surfing from one website to another while others may use it for research and very specific purposes. The search engines can provide you with a wealth of information but in some cases, they are also going to provide you with random information that is not going to be exactly what you need. That is not the case; however, if you find a lifestyle blog that you enjoy and can agree with much of what is written by the blogger (Source: Lifestyle Blog by It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a travel blogger that has visited places you would like to visit or if you’re looking to interior decorating blogs to give you ideas of how to design your home, you are sure to find what you need.

It really starts with finding a blogger that you can connect with properly. You need to be of like mind if you’re going to enjoy what they have they say and enjoy getting in on the conversation. After all, a blog is not simply a static webpage that idly sits there and does not provide you with any additional interaction. You can often leave feedback on the blog and even have a conversation with the blogger themselves. If done properly, you will not only be able to further your knowledge and enjoyment of what they have the say but they will also appreciate the fact that you are an active visitor.